This page provides a snapshot of all of the latest plans for CMHL Mental Health Occupational Therapy Workforce Development activity in 2024. Bookmark this page to keep up to date throughout the year!


The Statewide Mental Health Occupational Therapy Educator role is 1.0 EFT. In 2024, the role of the Occupational Therapy Educator will be to continue to build upon the priority areas identified in the OT Workforce scoping report by offering discipline-specific training and workforce development activity based on both gaps previously identified as well as new needs. This scoping informs the Strategic Plan for the Public Victorian Occupational Therapy Leadership Network which also informs our work directions- “together we go further”. 

Priority 1: Sensory Modulation  

  • Connect and Reflect sessions continue to be offered in 2024 as a popular space for occupational therapists to advance their use of collaborative sensory modulation assessment and intervention across Victorian public mental health services. Developed in response to the 2021 OT Statewide Education Day, this co-produced reflective session has been conducted 5 times with over 200 attendees. Contact us if you would like to join the OT Basecamp resource-sharing group.  

    There will be multiple sessions scheduled for 2024. Click here to register for the first Sensory Reports Connect & Reflect session 

  • Sensory Modulation Training sessions will be offered by CMHL and announced later in 2024. 


Priority 2: OT Supervision  

  • CMHL Supervision Training: A 2-day Introduction to Clinical Supervision training package will be rolled out to the workforce in 2024. Current training dates are available here. The Statewide OT Educators are in the process of becoming facilitators of this package with the intention of delivering specifically to occupational therapists in the second half of 2024. We invite discipline-specific feedback from occupational therapists. See more information on our supervision webpage https://cmhl.org.au/supervision  

  • Supervision Database: Occupational therapists can connect with professional supervisors using the Mental Health Allied Health Clinical Supervisor Database. The database will provide increased opportunities for discipline-specific supervision for all allied health professionals working in public area mental services. Clinical supervisors listed in the database have asserted that they meet the minimum criteria for inclusion in the database.   


Priority 3: OT Models and Assessments  

The Canadian Model of Occupational Participation (CanMOP) was the focus of the 2023 CMHL Occupational Therapy Education Day in November 2023. 

Connect & Reflect sessions in 2024 focuses on translating theory into meaningful practice: Exploring the Canadian Model of Occupational Participation. 

Text Book Egan, G., & Restall, G. (2022). Promoting Occupational Participation: Collaborative Relationship-Focused Occupational Therapy. CAOT/ACE.

 Further resources and support are being developed to support OT models and assessments.  


Priority 4: OT Leadership  

  • Statewide Occupational Therapy Workforce Scoping: The Occupational Therapy Educator led workforce scoping in 2021. Find out about the OT workforce profile, discipline specific activity, needs and workforce development priorities. Learn more and check out the Report and Infographic here:  https://cmhl.org.au/work/discipline-specific-workforce-scoping-projects


  • Strategic Planning: In 2024, CMHL have participated in the review of the Strategic Plan for the Public Victorian Occupational Therapy Leadership Network 2024-2027. In 2021, following the appointment of the first OT Educator, CMHL auspiced the development of the first Strategic Plan 2021- 2023. Each of the 23 Victorian Area Mental Health Services contributed to this strategic planning process which included x2 half-day workshops led by Foresight Lane following Statewide Occupational Therapy Workforce Scoping. 


  • The Victorian Public Mental Health Occupational Therapy Leadership Network (OTLN): The OTLN meets bi-monthly to advance the interests of the Occupational Therapy profession working in Victorian Public Mental Health (VPMH). The OTLN seeks to influence the VPMH sector so that the occupational needs and recovery aspirations of people and families, carers and supporters connected with VPMH services are met. Please contact Phoebe.Williamson@cmhl.org.au if you would like to connect with the OTLN. 


  • The Victorian Occupational Therapy Academic Network for CMHL:  We are excited to convene CMHL's Victorian Occupational Therapy Academic Network as part of Centre for Mental Health Learning’s (CMHL) ongoing efforts to enhance collaboration and research capacity within the mental health community. The primary aim of the Occupational Therapy Academics Network is to provide a platform to foster timely, accessible, and relevant communication channels between mental health occupational therapy academics and CMHL Victoria, to support collaborative statewide planning, promote innovation and knowledge sharing, capacity building for research and evidence based practice, and advance the occupational therapy profession within the Victorian public mental health sector. Please contact Phoebe.Williamson@cmhl.org.au if you would like to connect with the OT Academics Network. 


  • Communities of Practice (CoP): We are supporting the establishment of sustainable communities of practice (CoP) to connect and support OTs working in similar practice settings. A review of current CoPs is informing the development of “Guidelines for Establishing Sustainable Occupational Therapy Communities of Practice”. A working party leading this important piece of work, and inviting occupational therapists to complete this survey to gain a better understanding of the features that make OT CoPs meaningful, effective and sustainable.

    Current communities of practice include meeting regularly and may have a ‘basecamp’ platform for online resource sharing and discussion:  

    • OTs working in OTs working in Prevention and Recovery Centres,   

    • OTs working in Inpatient Settings,   

      • A special meeting will be held for OTs working in Secure Extended Care Units on Tuesday 28th May 2024

    • OTs working with Older Adults,   

    • OTs working in Community Care Units,   

    • Implementation Leads for Occupational Formulations

    If you are interested in joining a community of practice, or establishing a new community of practice please complete this expression of interest. 



Priority 5: Occupational Formulation & Goal Setting  

Based on the Model of Occupational Formulation (MOHO), an occupational formulation involves collaboratively synthesizing occupational therapy assessment information to present the person's occupational identity, occupational competence, occupational goals, and plans. A community of practice has been established to ensure that the learnings from training are translated into real practice change. 

  • Training: In 2024 CMHL and Forensicare will continue to collaborate to again provide the occupational formulation and goal-setting training for the workforce in 2024. Since 2022, three virtual statewide training days have been attended by 350 of our approx. 550 occupational therapists (September 2022, February 2023, and August 2023).  

    The 1 day Virtual Training Session will be held on August 29th, 2024. Click here to register today: https://events.humanitix.com/occupational-formulation-and-goal-setting-workshop

  • Implementation support for the Victorian Public Mental Health OT workforce will continue with the Community of Practice (CoP) for Occupational Formulations Implementation Leads. Contact if you would like to become an Implementation Lead or participate in this CoP.  
  • Text Book Parkinson, S., & Brooks, R. (2021). A guide to the formulation of plans and goals in occupational therapy. Routledge. 


Priority 6: OT Groups  

  • The Occupational Therapy Workforce has highlighted the need for targeted group work training for OTs. We are planning this in partnership with the Lived Experience workforce and multidisciplinary workforce. 

  • CMHL has co-designed a ‘Facilitating Groups’ training that is co-facilitated and will be offered on the CMHL Training Calendar in 2024. Click here to register for to attend a multidisciplinary training session, or you can contact us to arrange for this training to be provided at your service. OT Educators will be providing this training

  • OT-specific advanced group work training and resources are being developed and details will be launched soon. Opportunities for further training and resource sharing for in relation to group development and facilitation are also being explored. Please contact Phoebe.Williamson@cmhl.org.au if you would like to get involved.  


Other important CMHL Training opportunities for OTs 

In addition to the OT workforce development priority area training, Occupational therapists will be interested in the following webinars:

  • Employment webinar and workshops to be facilitated by WISE Occupational Therapists Shannon Lang and Anne Miles later in 2024.  


Online Conferences  

  • CMHL offers discipline-specific online conferences biannually. 

  • The Occupational Therapy Education Day was held in November 2023, please see the Evaluation and snapshots of the 2023 CMHL OT Education Day- CanMOP

  • Snapshot of the 2021 CMHL OT Education Day- Sensory Modulation Forum

  • The OTA Mental Health Forum is a national event occurring biannually in the alternate years, next occurring 28-29 November 2024 in Melbourne. 

    Call for abstracts close 19 May 2024 for the Occupational Therapy Mental Health Forum 2024.  The program committee welcomes submissions from Occupational Therapists involved across the breadth of mental health practice and research including but not limited to:   
              • Research findings or literature reviews   
              • Practical applications of evidence-based practice   
              • Practice notes and case studies of new innovations   
    Presentation Types Available:   
              • Oral   
              • ePoster   
              • Occupation Station   
              • *NEW for 2024* Workshop   
    Abstract mentoring is available for first time and inexperienced presenters until 14 May 2024.   
    For full details please visit the website otausevents.com.au/mentalhealthforum2024/call-for-abstract

    We look forward to seeing Victorian Mental Health Occupational Therapists there!

World OT Day 2024

World Occupational Therapy Day is held annually on 27th October and occurs within OT week in Australia. The theme for World Occupational Therapy Day 2024 is ‘Occupational Therapy for All’. The theme reflects the important role of the profession to facilitate the ability of individuals, communities and populations to participate in the activities that they want, need or are expected to do in their daily lives. The World Occupational Therapy Day theme and logo is available in multiple languages on the WFOT website here. Stay tuned for updates. 


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