Supervision is a high priority for all mental health workforces. Frameworks, guidelines, resources and training have been developed to support all workforces. This page contains relevant information for different workforces.

Respective supervisor databases for lived experience workforces, mental health nurses, and mental health allied health staff can be found under the Supervision tab on the CMHL website.

CMHL also leads the Access to Supervision project for the Department of Health which helps consumer and family/carer workers to access funded discipline-specific supervision. For more information on this project contact

Consumer Perspective Supervision 

 “In consumer perspective supervision, the supervisor is experienced in at least two ways: they have experience working from a consumer perspective and they are able to create and maintain a reflective space for the supervisee to safely bring their concerns. The relationship is also founded on the concept of mutuality where mutual learning facilitates the exchange of life experiences, skills and knowledge that each person brings.” (2018, Consumer Perspective Supervision: A framework for supporting the consumer workforce) 

Supervision Resources for the Consumer Workforce

Consumer Perspective Supervision


link  Consumer Perspective Supervision: A framework for supporting the consumer workforce 

link  Consumer perspective supervision summary of resources  

A companion resource for the Consumer Perspective Supervision Framework. To assist trainers, supervisors, and anyone else that would like further resources related to CPS and supervision models.  
link  Webinar: Consumer Perspective Supervision – what services need to know 

This VMIAC webinar covers:  

  • Consumer perspective supervision values and principles  

  • The unique functions of consumer perspective supervision  

  • The benefits and outcomes of consumer perspective supervision  

  • Promoting consumer perspective supervision in mental health services 

link  Creatively negotiating consumer perspective supervision (CPS) documentation with a supervisee 

This video was created by Sandy Watson, inside out & Associates Australia, for the Consumer Perspective Supervision Training Development Project. It informs CPS supervisors and supervisees about what to consider in regard to documentation. 

Family/Carer Perspective Supervision 

“The carer perspective supervision relationship is a dynamic partnership between two carer workers who share their professional and personal expertise through mutual understanding. This relationship can support, educate and strengthen both workers. This relationship thrives on trust, openness, honesty and goodwill.” (2021, Carer Perspective Supervision: A framework for Supporting the mental health family/carer lived experience worker)

Supervision Resources for the Carer Workforce 


link  Carer Perspective Supervision: A framework for supporting the mental health family/carer lived experience workforce 


link  Launch of the Carer Perspective Supervision Framework 

This is a recording of the launch of the framework on 1 December 2021, with special guest speakers and members of the co-design team. 

Clinical supervision for Mental Health Nurses 

“Clinical supervision is a process of professional support and learning in which nurses are assisted to develop their practice through regular time spent in reflective discussion with experienced and knowledgeable colleagues who are adequately trained in providing clinical supervision. This is done by way of a voluntary working alliance between two or more staff members, where the primary intention of the interaction is to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of at least one staff member.” (2018, Clinical supervision for mental health nurses: a framework for Victoria) 

Supervision Resources for the Mental Health Nurses

link  Clinical Supervision for mental health nurses: a framework for Victoria 


link  An Introduction to clinical supervision for Mental Health Enrolled nurses 

This video was prepared by the CMHL Mental Health Enrolled Nurse Educators and provides a brief introduction to clinical supervision for enrolled nurses. 

Clinical supervision for mental health nurses

Clinical Supervision for Allied Health 

“Clinical supervision is widely accepted as an essential part of health and human services systems for allied health (Milne 2007). Clinical supervision is acknowledged as a mechanism to promote the professional development and well-being of allied health workers and the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care. Numerous definitions of clinical supervision currently exist for allied health practitioners working in different practice settings, and there are a variety of models of practice and frameworks for clinical supervision influencing its implementation and modes of delivery (Pearce et al. 2013; Dawson et al. 2013). 

Victorian allied health clinical supervision framework

Clinical supervision is defined as a structured process to: 

  1. support allied health workers to reflect on their own practice in a safe, confidential and supportive environment 

  1. enable teaching and learning at the point of care 

  1. enhance the professional support and wellbeing of allied health workers.”  

(2019, Victorian allied health clinical supervision framework) 

Supervision Resources for Allied Health 

link  Resources for allied health, including the Victorian Allied Health Supervision Framework 

Clinical Supervision Training 

An introduction to clinical supervision for mental health nurses and allied health is located here. This is a generic package for mental health allied clinicians and nurses. The package has been developed in partnership with the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning and with significant consultation from the workforce. 

The Department of Health has a series of five online Victorian Allied Health Clinical Supervision Training Modules to Victorian allied health workers to provide and receive high-quality clinical supervision. To access the modules, go to Victorian Allied Health Clinical Supervision Modules

CMHL offers multiple other clinical supervision workshops. To see what is on offer go to 

Bouverie offers some clinical supervision training throughout the year. You can access their professional development here.

inside out & associates Australia delivers Victorian Department of Health supported Consumer Perspective Supervision training to eligible consumer workforce in Vic. See here for more information. The Consumer Perspective Supervision course is written and facilitated by peer/consumer/lived experience leaders, supervisors and educators, most of whom are based in Victoria. 

Carer Perspective Supervision Training was a carer-led, co-produced project supported and funded through a partnership with North-Western Mental Health and the Department of Health Victoria. The training development was facilitated by North-Western Mental Health through a co-design group and handed over to the Tandem/CLEW partnership for delivery as part of the Lived and Living Experience Workforce development program. A pilot course is being delivered starting July 2023.