The diagram below shows the CMHL's governance and committee structures, established in 2020, to replace our establishment governance bodies.

NorthWestern Mental Health is the auspicing organisation for this initiative. The CMHL also works in collaboration with the Department of Health Victoria (DH), and the Workforce Reference Group functions as an advisory group.



  • The CMHL Governance Leadership Committee (GLC) provides strategic advice and decision-making for CMHL operations.
  • The Workforce Development (WFD) Committee includes representation from each AMHS and supports direct input from the Victorian mental health sector into CMHL operations.
  • The Capability and Curricula (C & C) Committee has a specific learning and development focus.
  • The Discipline, Lifespan and Specialty (DLS) Committee ensures essential representation and input from across all areas.
  • The Live Learn Lead Collective (LLLC) is a group established to enable the Consumer and Family/Carer Lived Experience Workforces to inform and make a meaningful contribution to the work of the CMHL. More information will soon be available on the Peer Inside pages.
  • The VMHILN is now part of the CMHL and is considered another group of industry and subject matter experts for CMHL.


Current AMHS membership of the GLC, WFD, C & C, and DLS committees can be found below.

You will find the members, their role and service for each of the following four CMHL committees:

  • Governance Leadership Committee
  • Workforce Development Committee
  • Discipline Lifespan Specialty Committee
  • Capability & Curricula Committee



Click link here to read the bios of each of the GLC members.

Member Name Member Title Member Service GLC Position
Rick Corney Senior Mental Health Peer Support Worker Ballarat Community Health Lived experience workforce (Consumer perspective)
Shirley Jennings Senior Psychiatric Nurse Barwon Health Workforce development (Clinical mental health regional expertise)
Rosemary Charleston Director Centre for Mental Health Learning Director, CMHL
Bridget Hamilton Director Centre for Psychiatric Nursing Workforce development (Clinical mental health expertise)
Emma Cadogan Acting Manager Workforce, Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse Department of Health Manager Workforce DH
Stacey Noble CYMHS Family Carer Consultant Eastern Health Lived experience workforce (Family/carer perspective)
Kirsty Rosie Family Carer Workforce Monash Health Lived experience workforce (Family/carer perspective)
Peter Kelly Director of Operations North Western Mental Health NWMH Executive Director (Chair)
Leah McKenner (on leave until 2021) Consumer Advisor North Western Mental Health Lived experience workforce (Consumer perspective)




Member Name Member Title Member Service
Pauline Brandon Senior Psychiatric Nurse Albury Wodonga Health
Shelley Anderson Mental & Addiction Health Manager Workforce Development and Education Alfred Health
Helen Brown-May Psychiatric Nurse Consultant Austin Health
Paula Matheson Director of Nursing Mental Health: Senior Psychiatric Nurse Ballarat Health
Rebecca Corbett Psychiatric Nurse Consultant Barwon Health
Francis McCormick Senior Mental Health Nurse Consultant Bendigo Health
Jessica Naqqash Psych Nurse Consultant Grad Coordinator Eastern Health
Jo Ryan Director of Nursing Forensicare
Melissa Metcalf Senior Mental Health Nurse Goulburn Valley Health
Annette Woodhouse Psychiatric Nurse Consultant LaTrobe Regional Health
Mary Gilbert Senior Psychiatric Nurse Mercy Health
Chris Hermans Associate Director of Mental Health Services Mildura Hospital
Tracey Harmer Director of Nursing Monash Mental Health Program Monash Health
Greg Miller Manager Education and Workforce Development North Western Mental Health
Janine Davies Director of Nursing (Mental Health) Peninsula Health
Sarah Seth Education Service Manager Continuing Education and Development Unit Royal Children’s Hospital

Jodi Radley

Senior Mental Health Nurse South West Healthcare
Jodie Davis Manager Hawthorn Community Mental Health St Vincent’s Mental Health




Member Name Member Title Member Service
Maddison Adams Nurse Educator Barwon Health
Tim Lauder Psychiatric Nurse Consultant Bendigo Health
Nancy Salton Senior Psychologist Eastern Health
Hemalatha Jayaram Clinical Psychologist Eastern Health
Flora Gilbert Principal Psychology Educator Forensicare
Robyn Hucker Senior Clinician & Program Coordinator Goulburn Valley Health
Lakshmi Shesan Discipline Senior OT LaTrobe Regional Health
Tracey Harmer Director of Nursing Monash Mental Health Program Monash Health
Louise McCutcheon Coordinator, Orygen Clinical Training Senior Program Manager Clinical Psychologist Orygen



                            CAPABILITY & CURRICULA COMMITTEE

Member Name Member Title Member Service
Carolyn Enshaw Community Mental Health Youth Worker (SW) Albury Wodonga Health
Sue Belmore Education and Lived Experience Peer Workforce Co-ordinator Alfred Health
Chris Cummins Psychiatric Nurse Consultant Bendigo Health
Eve Curtis Social Work Educator Bendigo Health
Danielle Ashley Acting Chief Occupational Therapist Forensicare
Tracey Harmer Director of Nursing Monash Mental Health Program Monash Health
Vicki Anderson Head of Psychology Royal Children’s Hospital