Our vision

Our vision is to be the centrepiece for mental health learning in Victoria; leading and driving innovation that strengthens and sustains a flexible, curious, knowledgeable and recovery-focused workforce.

Our vision infographic Our vision mobile infographic

Our values

At the Centre for Mental Health Learning we value:

CMHL Value: Learning Collective learning
CMHL Value Curiosity Curiosity & integrity
CMHL Value Engagement Engagement & collaboration
CMHL Value Connectedness Authenticity & connectedness
CMHL Value Innovation Innovation & action
CMHL Value Leadership Shared leadership

Our purpose

We are the central agency for public mental health, including lived experience, workforce development in Victoria. We support access to quality, contemporary workforce learning and development, and training. Approximately $26 million is invested annually in mental health related learning and development across Victoria. The CMHL is the central agency that connects, collects and shares the information, tools, resources and expertise created through this investment.

We identify and support sharing of mental health learning and development resources across Victoria, allowing the sector to reduce duplication, grow leadership and promote high quality resources within a culture of collaboration. You can find training and resources in our Learning Hub.

Our work can be described across four areas. They are:
- engagement & communication
- alignment & coordination
- evidence & quality
- innovation & systems change
Some of these areas were a higher priority during our establishment phase. As the CMHL grows, our work will increase across all four areas. Some examples of the work that we do within each area can be found in this document.

We will continue to work with stakeholders across the sector to build mental health workforce capability, practice supports, knowledge translation and innovation.

Our governance

The diagram below shows the CMHL's governance and committee structures, established in 2020, to replace our establishment governance bodies.

NorthWestern Mental Health is the auspicing organisation for this initiative. The CMHL also works in collaboration with the Department of Health Victoria (DH), and the Workforce Reference Group functions as an advisory group.


  • The CMHL Governance Leadership Committee (GLC) provides strategic advice and decision-making for CMHL operations.
  • The Workforce Development (WFD) Committee includes representation from each AMHS and supports direct input from the Victorian mental health sector into CMHL operations.
  • The Capability and Curricula (C & C) Committee has a specific learning and development focus.
  • The Discipline, Lifespan and Specialty (DLS) Committee ensures essential representation and input from across all areas.
  • The Live Learn Lead Collective (LLLC) is a group established to enable the Consumer and Family/Carer Lived Experience Workforces to inform and make a meaningful contribution to the work of the CMHL. More information will soon be available on the Peer Inside pages.
  • The VMHILN is now part of the CMHL and is considered another group of industry and subject matter experts for CMHL.

Current AMHS membership of the GLC, WFD, C & C, and DLS committees can be found here.

How we engage

We have developed a comprehensive communication and engagement strategy that includes different ways for people to engage with the CMHL. This includes various methods for consultation, such as large forums, meetings, online consultation, specific site visits and interviews.