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CMHL is committed to supporting the statewide mental health workforces to implement the findings of the Royal Commission. We have been funded by the Department of Health for a new statewide lived experience co-design position. The Lived Experience Co-Design Project Lead supports the Victorian state-funded mental health services to increase their knowledge, confidence, and understanding of co-design approaches in mental health services.  

We are developing a suite of resources to support collective learning and avenues for collaborative learning around co-design. This co-design introduction information pack includes: 

Our Co-design Team: 

We are committed to using co-design principles and mindsets to lead by example and have created an internal co-design team that includes: 

  • Deb, Lived Experience Co-Design Lead 

  • Nina, Administration Officer 

  • Rosie, Director 

  • Beth, Leadership Development Coordinator 

What are we working on? 

The initial phase of this work is focussed on designing the role. We are guided by the sector to gain a greater understanding of the workforce's development needs. This includes:  

  • Reviewing the information collected in our scoping to develop a suite of tools and resources to support co-design in action 

  • Creating a resource hub on our website with resources to support co-design work 

  • Developing education and training based on the identified needs of the workforce. These are available on our AMHS Training Calendar

  • Providing secondary consultations to services in relation to co-design and co-production.

If you would like further information about co-design and how we can support you, please contact us:  

We are working with the Department of Health Mental Health Division and the Human-Centred Design Hub, and TACSI to support this work.  



Deb Carlon

Victorian Lived Experience Co-design Lead

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