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Big Feels @ Work is an audio resource for mental health professionals dealing with their own 'big feelings'. After great feedback on our first five episodes, we're making more, and thanks to additional funding from Department of Health and Human Services, we're also making all the old episodes freely available to anyone who wants to listen.   

Check out the latest episode here, to hear from other mental health professionals on the challenges of working during a pandemic when you're a sensitive cat.

Or click here to access all past episodes, and if you want to, you can also sign up to have new episodes sent straight to your inbox.

This program is made by The Big Feels Club, an online peer support community, and is funded by Department of Health and Human Services.

Latest news

06 Aug
Earlier this year, VTMH began facilitating a new Community of Practice (CoP) in Cultural Diversity and Mental Health. The aim of the CoP is to provide...
23 Jul
From the Big Feels Club: For those of you feeling a bit tender as the latest lockdown ramps up, consider signing up for Kinder Mind. Kinder Mind is a...
18 Jul
NWMH's ACTiviating Recovery Program is inviting ACT Enthusiast’s to come together and participate in a unique online “study group”. This offer is for...