What’s Basecamp? 

Basecamp is an online community of practice space. 

We have a number of groups available to join, depending on your discipline (i.e. Consumer or Family/Carer worker) and the work you do (e.g. Peer Support Worker, Consultant, etc.)  

These groups provide spaces for you to:  

  • get in touch with each other;  
  • access and share resources;  
  • engage in online discussion;  
  • schedule and see upcoming events;  
  • probably much more that we have not discovered yet! 

Please note, membership to these groups are for those in designated LE roles in either public or community mental health services.

How do I join? 

If you’d like to join basecamp please send the following details to peerinside@cmhl.org.au

1. Your name 

2. Your email address 

3. Your role title

4. The organisation you work for 

5. What perspective you work from (Consumer or Family/Carer)

6. What groups you would like to join? You must be eligible to join based on your role.

  • Peer Support Workers Online community of practice (for both consumers and family/carers)
  • Consumer and Family/Carer Consultants or Advisors - community of practice (for people in LEWs consultant, advisor, education and other leadership roles)
  • Consumer Consultants - online community of practice 
  • Carer Consultants - online community of practice
  • CLEW Network - community of practice and sharing (CLEW membership is required to join this basecamp group, for CLEW membership information go here)

*This information will be visible to others in the group. 

**Some job titles are quite convoluted, and it can be hard to discern what Lived Expertise perspective we’re working from. Having this clearly stated cuts down on email chains going back and forth.  

Once we have this information, we will send you a login link where you can set up your password and preferred settings, and be assigned to the relevant group/s. 

How does it work? 

You can log in on an iPad/tablet or phone (download the Basecamp app) or desktop computer via the website (https://basecamp.com/).   

Much like other online spaces, there are a number of functions and ways to interact with other people in the group.  

We recommend replying on the Basecamp website or in the app. While you can reply to discussion threads directly from your email (if you choose to allow this feature), be aware that messages you reply to from your inbox can be seen by everyone in the group.  

You can change your preferences such as how often you receive email notifications. To do this login and click on your initials or profile photo in the top right-hand corner of the website or click on the “me” tab in the app and then click the settings icon. 


There is more information on the finer basecamp details in this video: 

Remote video URL

(There are chapters in the play bar to help navigate and find what you’re looking for). 


  • A note on privacy:  

    We ask you to be mindful about what you write - respect confidentiality by avoiding the use of identifying information and don’t write anything about a person that you would not want that person to read.  

  • A note on sharing resources:  

    Please contribute resources you find useful – that you have permission to share – related to the purpose of the group. 

  • A note on membership:  

    The groups are closed spaces for the Lived Experience Workforces. Please advise us if your role changes so we can keep the group membership current. Please also advise us if you think the membership needs to be updated (e.g. suggest new members, or remove people who are no longer working in a Lived Experience role). 


For queries relating to Basecamp please contact peerinside@cmhl.org.au