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The MHPOD Upgrade is continuing to progress and is seeking interest from individuals who would be interested in being part of upcoming User Acceptance Testing (UAT) before the new portal is launched on October. The MHPOD Program is particularly interested in having individuals with little or no experience of online learning to ensure the design and structure in development can be used by everyone, regardless of previous experience.

The UAT is done remotely and all that is required to participate is notifying the MHPOD Program Manager. And the MHPOD Program welcomes feedback on the test sample and design options which can be sent directly to the MHPOD Project Manager, Gerard Fox via email.

MHPOD Content Survey

Once the new portal is launched, the MHPOD Upgrade will move into content development. The MHPOD Program currently has two surveys which its using to obtain direction regarding content moving forward. If you’re interested in providing feedback from either an organisational or individual perspective, we would be keen to hear it using one of the below links:

  • To provide feedback from an organisational perspective, click here
  • To provide feedback from your own individual perspective, click here
Gerard Fox
MHPOD Project Manager

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