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27 Feb

This two-day workshop provides participants an understanding of family history, context and dynamics in relation to adolescent violence in the home...

29 Feb

This introductory training is a pilot of a training program being developed for the family / carer lived experience workforce. On the completion of...

13 Mar

Carer lived experience peer workers-consultants have been playing an increasingly vital role in the Victorian mental health workforce. Their work is...

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This course explores mental health for children aged 0-12 years. It will help practitioners to identify the factors that support positive mental...


When a person experiences mental illness, the care provided by family members, friends and other people often exceeds the usual expectations of a...


This topic follows Carer Participation and explores the role of carers working as advocates in non-government organisations or in the mental health...

Related resources

Lived Experience Leadership Digital Library

The Lived Experience Leadership Digital Library is a central repository of mental health consumer and carer leadership-related knowledge and initiatives:

  • Lived Experience Leadership
  • Engagement and Participation
  • Co-design and Co-production
  • Lived Experience Workforce
  • Lived Experience Research

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Toolkit to Authentically Embed Lived Experience Governance

The toolkit provides users with a selection of tools and resources to assist in exploring and assessing their own governance processes and formulate a pathway towards embedding lived experience governance across their systems, structures, policies, processes, practices, programs and services.

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LE Governance Framework: Centring People, Identity and Human Rights for the Benefit of All

‘the Framework’ responds to calls from the mental health and other sectors for changes in the way systems are governed to align them more strongly with human rights approaches and to meaningfully embrace lived experience. Its applicability and reach span a spectrum of settings and sectors.

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Scoping paper - Pathways for Supporting the 'Not Negotiable' Lived Experience Workforces to Thrive

The paper provides recommendations for improving existing training options, career opportunities and support structures to strengthen the lived experience (peer) workforces incl. key opportunities for growth, expansion, professionalisation and advocacy 

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