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23 Apr

People with intellectual disability experience high rates of mental illness yet often have difficulty in accessing services and getting appropriate...

08 May

Carer lived experience peer workers-consultants have been playing an increasingly vital role in the Victorian mental health workforce. Their work is...

23 May

Lived and Living Experience Workforces (LLEWs) are essential in Victoria’s mental health reform. Lived and Living Experience disciplines are often...

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This free, self-paced learning module introduces key concepts in culturally responsive mental health practice.

The module provides information to...


This free, self-paced learning module is designed to promote, support and enhance mental health practitioners' work with interpreters, across a range...


This topic discusses the importance of documentation in providing quality patient care. Its role in facilitating communication, and appraising results...

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Lived Experience Leadership Rebooting the DNA of Leadership

Every day people with ived experience are taking up leadership roles to address the unique needs, challenges and injustices their communities face. This report draws on findings from 30 in-depth interviews and surveys completed by Lived Experience Leaders.

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Improving sexual safety in mental health and wellbeing services

This Chief Psychiatrist’s guideline sets out the relevant legislation and policy and establishes minimum standards for, promoting sexual safety, supporting human rights, assessing and managing risks, identifying and responding to incidents, and reporting sexual safety incidents.

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Community Engagement with Purpose

VTMH’s Community Engagement with Purpose resource is a comprehensive suite of resources to support mental health workers and mental health organisations undertake community engagement work.

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Integration of Care in Practice

This VDDILG and VAADA document highlights a number of models, tools and activities that capture the integration of alcohol and drug activities into the mental health community and bed-based services.

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