IMPORTANT - The Victorian Mental Health Interprofessional Leadership Network (VMHILN) has ended

The VMHILN ceased to operate as a Network as of November 2022.


The Victorian Mental Health Interprofessional Leadership Network (VMHILN) is a community of practice that unites existing and emerging leaders from the lived experience, nursing, allied health and medical workforces in Victorian Area Mental Health Services (AMHS)  

VMHILN is a Victorian DH initiative that began in 2015. We have a collective wisdom, a range of skills and experiences and a joint commitment to leading innovation and change. 

Our vision is to be a thriving, influential and highly valued network that actively leads change in AMHS and influences broader policy reform to improve the experiences of all those who utilise or work within mental health services.  

  • We meet bi-monthly to share innovations, ideas, knowledge and resources.  
  • We provide access to leadership professional development opportunities for members. 
  • We share our leadership skills and knowledge and provide opportunities for networking across disciplines, AMHS and the wider sector.   
  • We connect our members with policy makers. 
  • We have led cross-sector collaborations and projects revising a number of Chief Psychiatrist guidelines. 

Network History

In 2014 the Victorian DHHS invested considerable resources into the implementation of the VMHIL Project. Area Mental Health Services nominated teams of four individuals; one each from Nursing, Allied Health, Lived Experience and Medical, to form an interprofessional leadership team.

These newly established teams participated in a specifically designed leadership program that focused on developing collaborative leadership. All three cohorts finished the program in 2016, and have since developed into a Network of interprofessional leaders across Victoria.

Network members recognise that their commitment to, and involvement in, this initiative can provide them with unique experiences that support, develop and connect them as mental health leaders. There are significant advantages in being a member, and thus being in a position to collectively shape mental health service delivery.

Working together to shape mental health service delivery
Program Development and Delivery
Program Development & Delivery
Interprofessional leadership training
Network Establishment
Network Establishment
Processes, structures, work plan
Network Integration and Sustainability
Network Integration & Sustainability
MH reform agenda & associated Network activities strengthing membership


The Network structures ensure that all partners have an opportunity to influence and shape the work activities and direction of our group. Developing the Network work plan is a collaborative process that engages all members. We also have a strong and productive relationship with the DHHS as the funding body.

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