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A significant number of adults who experience mental illness are parents. All parents face challenges in managing the demands of raising children. Parents who experience mental illness may face additional stressors that impair their wellbeing and that of their children. Mental health workers have an important role in the early identification of the needs of parents who experience mental illness and their children, and in the promotion of mental health and general wellbeing in families. By providing family members (including children) with empathy, accurate information and access to appropriate support, mental workers may prevent mental health problems occurring in the future.

Categories: Capability 9 - Delivering holistic and collaborative assessment and care planning, Capability 8 - Working effectively with families, carers and supporters
Disciplines: Allied Health, Lived Experience Workforce, Medical, Nursing
Levels: Introductory
Lifespans: Child, Adolescent, Youth, Adult, Older Persons

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