I come to this role as a social worker, parent, brother, carer and son among various other life roles. Like so many, mental health and wellbeing concerns have been present in each life role, often in an intersecting way. Drawing on these personal experiences and a deep leaning towards social determinants for health, I embarked on a career as a mental health social worker in 2011. Over the last 10 years, I have worked across just about every level of adult and youth tertiary mental health services in Victoria. I have worked hard to develop a practice approach that is uniquely social work and values guided within the boundaries of the mental health service system as we find it now while not losing site of what the system should or could be.

In my role as Social Work Educator, I hope to offer tangible teaching around competencies that will assist social workers make meaningful contributions to the people and supporters who seek help from the mental health service system and support the important reform occurring in mental health space currently.

I welcome contact from anybody wanting to know more about our work.