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National Lived Experience Workforce Guidelines

Resource | 2022

The Guidelines are intended to inform employers and funding bodies and to support change across the mental health sector by improving understanding of the benefits of the Lived Experience workforce and by supporting employers to assess their local readiness and prioritise activities.

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Co-production - Putting principles into practice in mental health contexts

Resource | 2018

This resource has been developed to inform and support understanding, planning, and implementing co-production initiatives specifically within the context of Victorian mental health services

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Mad Workplaces: A guide for workplaces about working alongside people with 'mental illness'.

Resource | 2014

A realistic and useful booklet for employers written collaboratively by consumers with significant consultation with people who employ consumers and people with expertise in relevant laws and employment practices. There is a matching resource for consumers.

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Co-production in mental health: A literature review

Resource | 2013

In 2013, Mind (UK) commissioned nef (the new economics foundation) to carry out a review of existing evidence regarding co-production – examining when, why, and how it has been used in mental health and what impact it has had on people’s lives and their recovery.

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Real Lives Real Jobs

Resource | 2009

This study was conducted to gain a better understanding of the consumer workforce and make recommendations for systematic planning, support and career development of the workforce to ensure the growth and sustainability of this workforce.

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Showing 1 – 5 of 5 resources