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The MHPOD Portal Upgrade continues to progress towards its next key milestone which is User Acceptance Testing (UAT) scheduled for late August. Currently, work is focusing on reformatting existing topics to work on the new system and the visual design of the dashboard to test with users. A test example of one reformatted topic is available here (Password MHPOD19 if requested) for those interested in seeing the navigation interface at a topic level moving forward. It’s important to note that the content itself has not been updated – its intent is to showcase navigation, visual elements and interactivity such as expanding boxes etc.

In addition, there are also a number of potential design options for the MHPOD Dashboard being considered which can be viewed here. The MHPOD Program welcomes feedback on the test sample and design options which can be sent directly to the MHPOD Project Manager, Gerard Fox via email.

While work continues on the technical elements of the upgrade, the MHPOD Program is seeking to connect with services and organisations to identify potential content for development on the MHPOD Portal and explore, if possible, opportunities to collaborate in developing and sharing content. Organisations interested in connecting with the MHPOD Program regarding this are encouraged to contact the MHPOD Project Manager.

As mentioned previously, for those interested in receiving ongoing updates regarding the MHPOD Portal and Program, please notify the MHPOD Project Manager so you can be included on a distribution list.

Gerard Fox
MHPOD Project Manager

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