Safer Care Victoria’s Mental Health Clinical Network is looking for clinicians and consumers to join an expert working group and improve the way consumer measures are used in Victoria’s clinical mental health services.

Consumer completed measures can help facilitate a partnership between consumers and mental health clinicians at the point of care and clarify treatment and care goals.

Sometimes referred to as patient reported outcome measures or patient reported experience measures, these measures are completed by a consumer when receiving clinical treatment and care.

Currently there is variation in how consumer completed measures are used within Victoria’s clinical mental health services.

There is evidence that this practice has a strong connection to delivering care that is person-centred, effective and inclusive of consumers’ needs at the point of care.

Their goal is to improve how consumer completed measures are used to facilitate a partnership between the consumer and mental health workforce at the point of care, help clarify treatment and care goals and monitor progress.

The expert working group will review what current practice looks like, learning from examples of best practice to define the quality improvement aim.

Who are they looking for?

  • Consumers and carers
  • Members of the mental health workforce.

For more information head to Safer Care Victoria's website.

Christy Hatherley
Clinical Fellow

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