My Name is Moisis and I am excited to be working at CMHL with such a vibrant and passionate team who understand the importance of education and training in sustaining the Mental Health work force long term. 

I have been a Mental Health Social Worker since 1997 and have worked in a variety of specialist Mental health roles in the fields of transcultural psychiatry, adult, youth mental health and complex care. I have been both a Senior clinician, supervisor and Team leader over this period of time and have enjoyed contributing to consumers and their families lives in a positive way.  

Mental health services are currently going through, what is arguably, the largest transformation of services since de institutionalisation, prompted by multiple factors including the recent Royal Commision into Victorias Mental Health Services. The Royal Commission’s recommendations will guide these changes and we will see the Co design and Co production of services become central to the evolution of the public mental Health sector.  

Outside of work I enjoy dining with family and friends as well as participating in multiple outdoor activities such as fly fishing and camping.