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23 Apr

People with intellectual disability experience high rates of mental illness yet often have difficulty in accessing services and getting appropriate...

24 Apr

Foundation Training for Working with People with BPD in Non-Clinical Settings - 1 day This training is ideal for support workers in non-clinical...

01 May

Severe personality disorder (PD) or borderline personality disorder (BPD) is associated with significant morbidity and mortality, yet clinicians...

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This free, self-paced learning module introduces key concepts in culturally responsive mental health practice.

The module provides information to...


This free, self-paced learning module supports mental health practitioners to consider cultural aspects of mental health and wellbeing when...


This free, self-paced learning module is designed to promote, support and enhance mental health practitioners' work with interpreters, across a range...

Related resources

Guidance to support the delivery of integrated treatment, care and support

The Department of Health has published Integrated treatment, care and support for people with co-occurring mental illness and substance use or addiction: Guidance for Victorian mental health and wellbeing and alcohol and other drug services (the Guidance).

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NEXUS Resources

Dual Diagnosis resources and webinars developed/delivered by NEXUS can be found via this page. Includes: Reasons for Use Package; Straight Up documentaries exploring the lived experience; Consumers Can Ask and Carers Can Ask booklets.

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National Eating Disorders Collaboration - Publications

This page contains publications created by the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC). Publications include the National Practice Standards for Eating Disorders, Eating Disorders Prevention, Treatment and Management - An Evidence Review and more.

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Alcohol and drug withdrawal guidelines

Turning Point has released the 3rd edition of the Alcohol and Other Drug withdrawal guidelines – a resource developed to support clinicians in the delivery of evidence-based withdrawal care. 

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