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22 Apr

This advanced workshop is designed for mental health practitioners looking to apply a community engagement lens to their work, or those working in...

09 Jul

The aim of the webinar is to understand the difficulties in the assessment of people with intellectual disability and to think about how these can be...

23 Jul

The difficulties in the application of psychological, social and pharmacological interventions to this population will be examined, with a view to...

Other learning opportunities


This free, self-paced learning module introduces key concepts in culturally responsive mental health practice.

The module provides information to...


This free, self-paced learning module supports mental health practitioners to consider cultural aspects of mental health and wellbeing when...


This free, self-paced learning module is designed to promote, support and enhance mental health practitioners' work with interpreters, across a range...

Related resources

Improving sexual safety in mental health and wellbeing services

This Chief Psychiatrist’s guideline sets out the relevant legislation and policy and establishes minimum standards for, promoting sexual safety, supporting human rights, assessing and managing risks, identifying and responding to incidents, and reporting sexual safety incidents.

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Community Engagement with Purpose

VTMH’s Community Engagement with Purpose resource is a comprehensive suite of resources to support mental health workers and mental health organisations undertake community engagement work.

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Writing Themselves In 4: Victoria summary report

This report describes Victoria-specific findings from Writing Themselves In 4: a national survey of health and wellbeing among LGBTQA+ young people in Australia.

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LGBTIQA+ Policy Guide 2020

The Equality Project developed the Australian LGBTIQA+ Policy Guide to ensure that lesbian, gay, bi+, trans, gender diverse, non-binary, intersex, queer, asexual and aromantic (ace and aro) people and their families experience genuine inclusion and the realisation of their human rights in Australia.

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