The training provides an introductory body of knowledge to staff working with or supporting to older people to enable an understanding of the lives, experiences and needs of older LGBTI people, and ensure their practice and services are safe, welcoming and inclusive.

During this training, participants will

Be introduced to descriptions of sex, gender and sexuality

Understand the impact of historical discrimination and be introduced to an evidence base of the experiences of homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and intersex prejudice, and their impacts on the health, wellbeing and visibility for older LGBTI people and barriers of access to care and support as they age

Be introduced to frameworks, strategies and tools (which includes aged care legislative reforms and program) to improve cultural safety for LGBTI consumers and staff.

The session is largely didactic with some interactive aspects and opportunities for participants to ask questions and participate.


  • Andrew Roger (Lead Educator) — Val’s LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care, Rainbow Health Victoria
  • Pauline Crameri (Co-ordinator) — Val’s LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care, Rainbow Health Victoria

Eligibility criteria

This is a free event designed for members of the public clinical mental health workforce in Victoria, (staff employed at Area Mental Health Services, Forensicare or mental health staff from RCH). For example, a social worker working in mental health at Austin Health. Staff from MHCSSs, ACCHOs, AOD or other partner organisations may also attend. Please note, if you do register for this event and it is not clear you are part of the intended audience, your registration will be confirmed two weeks prior to the event start date, or earlier.

This training is targeted at people working in Adult and Older Person's Mental Health.

Categories: Diversity, Older persons mental health
Disciplines: Allied Health, Lived Experience Workforce, Medical, Nursing, Other
Levels: Introductory
Lifespans: Older Persons

Wednesday 19 October 2022
10:00 to 14:00
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Specific location and venue confirmed by provider upon registration.
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Provided by Centre for Mental Health Learning (CMHL)
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