My journey started with thinking deeply on the end of my bed as a teenager. I saw my time was valuable and wanted to make a difference/have an impact. So, I chose to focus my attention on the infrastructure that underpins society; energy; transport; housing, and so on. And my motivation was to help people without them changing their lifestyles dramatically – to help indirectly by decreasing our impact on the planet... 

Fast forward many years and I found myself working in the renewable energy space after my university placement at BMW in Munich, Germany. With sustainability at the forefront of my mind, I poured my energy into starting a small business with a friend. I had a considerable impact on the industry and played an integral role in delivering many renewable energy projects during my 6-year tenure.

However, I have struggled with my mental health the majority of my life and I wanted to use my lived experience and recovery journey to support those in my inner circle and the surrounding community. In reality, this has meant going back to study and completing the Cert IV in Mental Health Peer Work.

Now I work part-time as a dedicated Peer Support Worker and am the Lived and Living Experience Workforce Projects Manager at CMHL. Being a frontline worker and having a place overseeing the LLEWs Projects at CMHL is enriching, challenging and makes great use of my experience, both in Mental Health and the professional skills I have acquired over the years.