Department of Health, Mental Health funded 'Lived and living experience workforces (LLEWs) development program'


About the program 

The DH funded LLEWs development program 2022-24 involves supporting existing or developing new projects to realise authorised, supported and sustainable LLEWs in public mental health and AOD services. The program is informed/seeks to build on the many decades of activism and advocacy by the mental health consumer workforce, AOD consumer workforce, mental health family/carer workforce, and AOD family/carer workforce, people with lived and living experience of trauma, mental health challenges, suicide, substance use or addiction, and their families, carers, and supporters, advocates, and allies. The program also recognises the different needs and perspectives within individual LLEW disciplines, as well as between them. The implication of this is that while some agendas are shared/common among LLEWs, the diversity between disciplines needs to be acknowledged and supported through the program. 

What will CMHL be doing?

The CMHL has responsibility for designing and implementing the following initiatives as part of this program: 

  • Development and delivery of curriculum as outlined in Our Future report - MH Family/Carer 

  • Lived Experience perspective supervision training for managers (non-LEWs) 

  • Development and delivery of introductory training about Lived Experience work for non-Lived Experience Workers 

  • Development and delivery of cross-discipline topics for introductory training e.g.: navigating MH & AOD systems 

  • Development of e-learn modules to realise authorised, supported and sustainable Lived Experience Workers (Org Readiness) 

  • Delivery of co-design and co-production training 

  • Statewide co-ordination to support LLEWS educators 

  • Supporting the collection and housing of organisational policies and resources to support Lived Experience Workers 

Our team will also support work across collaborating organisations in the role of ‘practice stream lead’. 

Exciting new roles at CMHL – growing our LLEWs workforce 

We are also really excited to be able to offer the following new positions at CMHL to support this program of work; these will be advertised very soon. At the moment we have six people in designated LE roles (3.8eft) at CMHL, with this new program our LEWs team will expand to 6.8eft, meaning at minimum there will be nine people in LE designated roles.  

Our new LLEWs team will work closely with our existing team members to design and deliver this important program of work. At this stage, all position contracts end 30/06/2024: 

  • Consumer workforce development educator (1.0eft) 

  • Family/carer workforce development educator (1.0eft) 

  • Clinical educator (0.5eft) 

  • LLEWs Program coordinator (1.0eft) 

  • Events officer (0.8eft) 

  • Administrative officer (0.5eft) 

People with a lived experience are also encouraged to apply for non-LE designated roles. These positions are now advertised on our Work with CMHL page.

For information on some of the positions available at other participating organisations, please see this video.


Participating organisations include:



More information on DH funded Lived Experience Workforce initiatives can be found here: https://www.health.vic.gov.au/workforce-and-training/lived-experience-workforce-initiatives


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