The CMHL website, cmhl.org.au has continued to grow and expand.  
It remains an important online portal where the workforce can access training and resources from CMHL and other providers, it also houses two supervision databases, one for the Lived Experience Workforce and one for Mental Health Nurses. We continue to add important information to the website about CMHL’s functions and structures.

In the year 2021 to 2022, we added the following new areas to our website:

  • ‘Our Work’ features individual, regularly updated items about various CMHL projects and areas of work.
  • ‘CMHL Recorded Sessions’ with brief descriptions and links to recordings of CMHL training, information, or forum sessions.
  • ‘MHN Clinical Supervisor Database’ designed to assist mental health nurses to find a suitable clinical supervisor
  • ‘DH-funded Child Youth Training’ webpages to promote and facilitate registrations in a DH-commissioned workforce development program for the expanding workforce in Area Mental Health Service - Infant, Child, Youth, and Family Mental Health Services.

We have also worked to maintain and update existing sections of the website, including:

  • Redesigning the CMHL AMHS Training Calendar page to better integrate with the broader website training pages
  • Updating resources and implementing a resource audit process to ensure links stay relevant
  • Regularly liaising with statewide and other training providers to update listings of their training events
  • Implementing a sitewide content management system upgrade


Work is underway to develop an allied health supervisor database similar to the nurse supervisor database. We intend to work with our discipline-specific educators and statewide training providers to create an educator resource section. This will also be informed by early CMHL educator consultations. We will update the CMHL website to align with the 15 domains of The Victorian Mental Health and Wellbeing Workforce Capability Framework. We are also considering ways in which CMHL’s website can be used to support the implementation of the framework and assist in workforce development resource sharing. 


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Yao Wu

System Support Officer

photo of Kylie Boucher
Kylie Boucher

Senior Lead / Acting Director

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