The CMHL 2021 - 2022 annual report is out!!!

Thanks for your patience. We are very pleased to share with you the report.

This annual report showcases the many and varied ways that CMHL engages with, and works alongside our key stakeholders. It also presents information about the important work that occurred in the 2021-22 year, speaks to the lessons that we have learned from this, and signals our next steps. We hope that you enjoy reading it.

The report includes

  • messages from our Director, Rosemary Charleston, and the Chair of our Governance Leadership Committee, Peter Kelly.
  • descriptions of our vision, governance, team structures, and our lovely staff members.
  • the highlight of key work and projects undertaken by CMHL in the last year
  • data from training events, website analytics, and our own evaluation

Since the CMHL began in March 2018, we have worked hard to create ways that ensure our work is underpinned by your expertise, knowledge, and wisdom. We could not do our work at CMHL without the contributions of the many passionate people who provide their time, energy, and expertise. Thank you for your continuing generosity.

Click here to open the annual report. 

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photo of Kylie Boucher
Kylie Boucher

Senior Lead / Acting Director

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