CMHL Allied Health Entry Level Training Series 2022

- A space for supported growth and connection 

It was my privilege to host the 2022 CMHL Allied Health Entry Level Training Series. The AH ELTS has been comprised of six (6) full-day training events, covering some fundamentals and practical knowledge for allied health graduates and experienced clinicians transitioning into mental health in their first two years of employment within public area mental health services in Victoria.  

During 2022, CMHL observed such growth in registrations, demand, and participation across and within the series of events. There were changes in the representation of disciplines and experienced a journey as a group in navigating the ongoing challenges of the online space and in fostering safer and braver spaces for everyone's learning styles, needs, and interests. 

2022 saw an evolution from the previous year, providing six (6) full-day events, covering 

  • Introduction to Victorian Mental Health Services & the current Mental Health Act  

  • Mental Health Assessment and Formulation, & Risk Assessments,  

  • Physical health and the interplay with mental health, & Psychiatric medications and their impact on a person,  

  • Self-care, resilience, and supervision,  

  • Four brief presentations on different specialist therapeutic interventions, and 

  • Working with families and carers. 

The training days were presented by experienced skilled clinicians and educators from CMHL and across the AMHS, also showcasing the skills and opportunities within AMHS across a career.  

In efforts to shape and support a valuable series for the workforce, CMHL recruited the support and input of the workforce - the AH ELTS Working Group made up of CMHL and AMHS representatives. 

CMHL raised the registration limit from 60 participants in 2021 to 100 participants in 2022 to support the growing interest and demand in the series as the workforce grew and newly funded graduate positions and transition positions were commencing. Progressively, the number of registrants grew with each event, averaging 83 registrants and reaching the capped limit of 100 for the last two (2) events, and the waiting list was needed. 

It has been great to build relationships with some of the AH Educators and navigate together the education and training opportunities for early career clinicians. Questions and themes that arose in the CMHL AH ELTS training events and across the series were able to be shared with the AH Educators and the Working Group members, in an effort to share and respond to the emerging needs of this group.    

It was quite the privilege to host the series in 2022 that afforded me a vantage point to witness the group cohesion grow and change, the confidence and engagement develop, being an active part of supporting the large online training event to become a safer and braver space for engagement and participation.  

We look forward to delivering ELTS again in 2023, with a few key changes planned to cater to the increasing number of learners. More information is link here

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Elizabeth Davis

Statewide Mental Health Occupational Therapy Educator

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