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CMHL's Learning and Practice Development Scoping report has been released

A primary function of the Centre for Mental Health Learning is to support the learning and development of the public mental health workforce in Victoria. To better understand the expectations and requirements for the mental health workforces and how those needs are met by existing workforce development practices, the Learning and Practice Development Coordinators (LPDC) conducted a scoping of the Area Mental Health Services (AMHSs) training, education and workforce development.

The LPDC developed a data collection tool to collect point-in-time data about the structure of mental education teams, to understand how they operate and make workforce development decisions. The data collection tool looked at how AMHSs decide what training in mandatory, what the workforce development priorities are and how they collaborate with other services. The data collection tool allowed services to highlight the training and learning development areas where they have particular strengths and others areas where they would like to collaborate further with other services. 

Once services completed the data collection tool, a 90 minute meeting was arranged to discuss the results with the LPDC. These meetings were very valuable as they allowed CMHL to better understand the nuances of each service and to help build relationships. The consultations have already guided some of the projects and training that CMHL has undertaken and provided, these include the Trauma Informed Leadership Project, the ANUM/Shift Leader Leadership training and adding more clinical supervision training to the free AMHS calendar.  

Download the report here.

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Jeffrey Weitzel

Learning & Practice Development Coordinator

Jo Stubbs

Learning & Practice Development Coordinator / Senior Lead

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