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Event description

The RANZCP has developed a range of e-learning resources for the use of its members and other mental health professionals. This series of three modules aims to help senior trainees and recently graduated psychiatrists gain a better understanding of the complexities that may arise when providing treatment and care to patients who present with a 'dual disability', that is, both an intellectual disability (ID) and a mental illness.
Module 1: An introduction to working with patients with a dual disability
Module 2: Interpreting behaviours of concern in dual disability
Module 3: Reflecting upon treatment approaches

This session will cover:

- Case studies and discussion to explore the issues around treating people with both an intellectual disability and a mental illness.
- Vignettes that focus on behaviours of concern in people with a dual disability.
- Dual disability issues within the context of more restrictive interventions, such as admission to a psychiatric inpatient service.

Categories: Capability 9 - Delivering holistic and collaborative assessment and care planning, Capability 3 - Working with diverse consumers, families, and communities
Disciplines: Medical
Levels: Intermediate
Lifespans: Adolescent, Youth, Adult, Older Persons

45 minutes per module

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