I'm one of two Consumer Workforce Project Leads focusing on Organisational Readiness for employing Lived Experience Workers and Student Placement Support for Cert IV Mental Health Peer Work students.   

Previously I was a Project Coordinator leading the re-write of the Chief Psychiatrist’s Sexual Safety Guideline (VMHILN). My other LEW positions were at VMIAC (Phoenix Project), St Vincent’s (Footbridge CCU) and Melbourne University (Core Study).

I began my career with a Law Degree (Hons), with placements in Mental Health, Guardianship and Disability legal services. I subsequently completed a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy and have worked as a child and adolescent counsellor.    

I have also been a Stand-Up for Mental Health (SFMH) Comedian and paint enthusiastically, with a themed collection of over 25 paintings. Dedication to change and systemic improvements in mental health, through accountability, innovation and compassion, forms a big part of my identity.