I began my mental health nursing career as part of the NorthWestern Mental Health Enrolled Nurse Transition Program, before working on an adult inpatient unit and within a community team. I joined CMHL in 2020.  

The Victorian community has faced challenging times recently, and I have had the privilege of working with Enrolled Nurses in rural Victoria providing locum relief during the 2019 bushfire season. I also worked on the acute response team supporting residents living in public housing towers locked down due to Covid-19. I was awarded NorthWestern Mental Health Nurse of the Year 2020 for my work in physical health support and consumer advocacy.  

Through these opportunities, I have developed a passion for providing collaborative care through strengths-based interventions. I’ve seen the unique positive impact of the Enrolled Nurse workforce and I believe empowering relationships are the foundation of successful outcomes. 

When not working I’m outside with my very active dog or watching sports. Before nursing I played roller derby for Team USA.