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Recovery Oriented Language Guide

Resource | 2022

The Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) developed the Recovery Oriented Language Guide because language matters in all aspects of life, and continues to be particularly important in the context of mental health and recovery.

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Self-advocacy for the NDIS (mental health)

Resource | 2021

This workbook was developed following a co-design process, in partnership with Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC) and Tandem, with the purpose of providing self-advocacy information, identifying rights and strategies that support people to speak up for themselves.

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Supported Decision Making

Resource | 2019

 A brief introduction to what Supported Decision Making means, and how to do it. The information sheet aims to provide a clear overview to help people know what they should expect from services, and to help clinicians know what they should be able to provide.

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Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life

Resource | 2017

This article includes participant discussions from a 2017 event titled "Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life" hosted by Health Education and Training Institute, and NSW Older People’s Mental Health Policy Unit

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Centre for Psychiatric Nursing Recovery Library

Resource | 2015

The resources presented in this Recovery Library are mapped against the nine domains of the Framework for Recovery-oriented Practice. An additional domain pertaining to Growing Consumer Leadership was also developed as part of the formation of the Recovery Library.

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A national framework for recovery-oriented mental health services: policy and theory

Resource | 2013

The framework describes the practice domains and key capabilities required for the mental health workforce to operate in accordance with the recovery approach. The framework is presented in two companion documents: a guide for practitioners & providers, and a policy and theory document.

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Framework for Recovery-oriented Practice

Resource | 2011

The Framework for Recovery-oriented Practice identifies the principles, capabilities, practices and leadership that underpin a recovery-oriented approach to mental health service delivery.

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