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The team at Quit have been working closely with health services, including NWMH, to develop training for the inpatient setting, which includes a mental health module. The training aims to equip staff with the skills, confidence and knowledge to provide smoking cessation brief advice to consumers and is available via this resource page: https://www.quit.org.au/resources/mental-health/training-and-resources-mental-health-services/
Training is free for Victoria learners.

Learners will: 

  • Understand who is smoking and which priority populations have higher rates of smoking
  • Understand the negative impact of smoking on medical outcomes
  • Know how to provide fast, simple and effective brief advice in a supportive, non-judgmental manner
  • Understand the important role of behavioural intervention (such as Quitline) and how to refer
  • Recognise the importance of managing nicotine dependence (withdrawal) in the inpatient setting
  • Know what additional resources and support are available to help you care for patients who smoke

Quit is currently working with the sector to develop online training for mental health professionals working in other areas of the mental health sector, such as the community mental health setting.

Rachel Whiffen
Community & Programs Manager

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