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Mental health services in Australia (MHSA) provides a picture of the national response of the health and welfare service system to the mental health care needs of Australians. MHSA is updated progressively throughout each year as data becomes available.

The following MHSA web pages have been updated today:

  • Mental health services provided in emergency departments 2017-18
  • Medicare-subsidised mental health-related services 2017-18
  • Mental health-related prescriptions 2017-18
  • Consumer perspectives of mental health care 2016-17 – this section now includes data from Victoria for the 2016-17 period, NSW and QLD data in this section remains the same.

A nationally agreed overall score out of 100 has been developed to reflect each respondent’s ‘experience of service’ across 22 questions in the YES survey. A score of 80 or above indicates a positive experience of service.

Using this measure, New South Wales had the highest proportion of respondents with a positive experience of service (67.6%), followed by Victoria (53.9%) and Queensland (51.4%) (Figure CP.3).

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