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NWMH's ACTiviating Recovery Program is inviting ACT Enthusiast’s to come together and participate in a unique online “study group”.

This offer is for registrants of the online Association for Contextual Behavioural Science Conference 2020.

Over FOUR half day blocks they will dive into Public Mental Health relevant topics offered as part of this conference. Led by the ACTivating Recovery Program Team, these blocks will consist of watching a predetermined session, allowing time for interaction between participants at various time points throughout. The interactive component of each block may include group reflection, practicing skills taught in the workshop, posing questions to the group and exploring how we might implement what we have learned into our work. This ‘study group’ is ideally for participants with at least fundamental knowledge of ACT. Please note you are not required to commit to all sessions on offer to participate in this event. They do, however, invite you to make the most of every learning opportunity you are able to.

To register for the online study group:

1. Register for the WC2020 Conference
2. Contact with evidence of conference registration, to participate in the study group 

See this flyer for more information.

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Lisa Soares

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