The Collaborative Conference went online this year and was a technological success! The theme was ‘Keys to Change’ which was clearly embedded throughout the conference, identifying the hard work that’s ahead while acknowledging the champions leading the way. Among the leaders were the thought-provoking keynote speakers, Matt Ball (Humane Clinic), Cath Roper (CPN) and Anna Love (Chief Mental Health Nurse, DHHS).

CMHL was an active force this year - moderating, presenting, and engaging in robust discussions throughout the event. Our message was clear: we are leading and driving innovation that strengthens and sustains a flexible, curious, knowledgeable and recovery-focused workforce. Sharon Williams presented her important work around leading the rewrite of the Chief Psychiatrist’s Sexual Safety Guidelines. Lorna Downes was busy, presenting twice - first discussing the Codesign Lived Experience Workforce Collaborative Structures used during a pandemic, followed by a joint presentation later with Kylie Boucher to inform and advocate for the use of Basecamp (Communities of Practice) in Victoria. The last presentation of the conference was a highlight, with Deb Carlon joining a diverse panel of consumer experts bravely answering anonymous questions posed by conference attendees. 

The ‘Collab’ took extra steps to ensure the event was social and enjoyable including origami, yoga, therapy dogs, live music and even a drink making class! Though we were separated by screens, we were connected in our commitment to a more collaborative, innovative future. 

Authored by Shaina Serelson - EN Educator, CMHL

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