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21 Aug
Younger persons mental health

ONLINE SESSION This is for generalist clinicians who want to adapt their therapeutic practice to be more ASD friendly (primary and secondary school...

28 Aug
Assessment & intervention, Younger persons mental health

This workshop will address various challenges of this work, by sharing current knowledge and clinical experience, and providing opportunity to try out...

via Zoom
31 Aug
Younger persons mental health

Young people often presenting to mental health services commonly experience an acute phase of illness during their period of care. Such presentations...

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This course explores mental health for children aged 0-12 years. It will help practitioners to identify the factors that support positive mental...


This topic covers mental health and physical conditions that commonly present in child and youth mental health, the general principles for assessing...


This topic discusses the structure of child and youth mental health services around Australia. It provides best practice service examples, and...

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A practical guide to working with children and families through Telehealth

Families & carers | Workplace wellbeing & practice support | Younger persons mental health | 2020

This resource from Emerging Minds aims to develop practitioners' knowledge and confidence in using Telehealth with children and families. It provides practical ideas on where to start, how to prepare and what to do during a session.

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Keeping child mental health in mind

Younger persons mental health | 2019

This document outlines the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health’s (NWC) strategy to support health, social and community professionals in identifying, assessing and supporting infants and children who are at risk of, or currently experiencing, mental health difficulties.

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Supporting staff to work with children and families with complex needs

Families & carers | Younger persons mental health | 2019

This paper, written by AIFS and Emerging Minds, provides managers, practice leaders, and other decision-makers with practical guidance on supporting staff to work with children and families with complex needs.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders and Comorbid Mental Health Conditions Manual

Younger persons mental health | 2014

The Working with Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Comorbid Mental Health Conditions manual was developed by the Orygen Youth Health ASD Interest group based on clinical experiences of working with this complex population.

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