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Heidelberg Heights
20 Apr
Trauma informed care

There a growing acknowledgement of the role of trauma in the lives of those who experience mental health problems. This has encompassed research into...

22 Apr
Trauma informed care

This interactive 2 day workshop is based on the principles of trauma informed care and the importance of working from a trauma informed framework in...

11 May
Assessment & intervention, Therapeutic theory & practice, Trauma informed care, Workplace wellbeing & practice support

This workshop will develop clinician’s understanding and practice in working effectively with people with borderline personality disorder (BPD). It...

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This topic describes the neurobiology of trauma, child maltreatment, interpersonal violence and the impact of traumatic events on an individual's...


This course will introduce you to key elements of understanding the prevalence of trauma, and its impact on children and families. With the right...

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Fully customised training and support programs Phoenix Australia can tailor training and supervision services to suit the needs of particular...

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Talking about Trauma: Guide to conversations and screening for health and other service providers

Service development | Therapeutic theory & practice | Trauma informed care | 2018

Many service providers feel poorly equipped to have conversations with people they know or suspect have experienced trauma. This Blue Knot Foundation publication helps service providers to know when and how to ‘talk about trauma’ or to screen for trauma.

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The Right To Be Safe - Ensuring sexual safety in acute mental health inpatient units

Diversity | Trauma informed care | 2018

This project report is informed by an analysis of complaints and also considers the findings of four MHCC investigations into sexual safety breaches, a comprehensive review of national and international literature, and wide-ranging stakeholder consultations.

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Breaking the Cycle of Trauma, Koori Parenting, What Works for Us

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander | Families & carers | Trauma informed care | 2014

Consisting of a booklet, poster and post cards, the resources convey key messages and practical strategies to help Koori parents break intergenerational cycles of trauma within their families. The resources have been directly informed by and developed for, urban, Aboriginal parents.

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Australian Guidelines for the Treatment of Acute Stress Disorder & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Assessment & intervention | Trauma informed care | 2013

These guidelines, developed by Phoenix Australia, provide information about the most effective treatments for PTSD. They are the first national guidelines that provide guidance on the treatment of children and teenagers who experience PTSD.

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