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21 Apr
Assessment & intervention, Therapeutic theory & practice

This one day workshop will focus on understanding behaviours of concern, building skills and developing strategies to effectively respond to...

23 Apr
Therapeutic theory & practice

Three training sessions as follows: Session 1- 23 April : Overview & Mindfulness Session 2 - 30 April : Distress Tolerance & Emotional Regulation...

27 Apr
Assessment & intervention, Diversity, Therapeutic theory & practice

People with an ID are at increased risk of personality disorder and when a person has both disorders this can lead to a significant increase in...

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The therapeutic relationship is at the heart of mental health practice. Like all other relationships, the therapeutic relationship takes time to...


The co-occurrence of an intellectual disability or other developmental disability and mental illness presents several difficulties for the...


Consumers, health professionals and governments continue to report unacceptable rates of unemployment, loneliness, homelessness and poverty related to...

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Lived experience (peer) workforce supervision

Therapeutic theory & practice | 2019

In this video, Donna Matthews, Cate Bourke and DL Turnbull share some of their thoughts and experience about lived experience (peer) workforce supervision in clinical mental health services.

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History of lived experience work in Victoria

Consumer perspective | Families & carers | Therapeutic theory & practice | 2019

A brief history of lived experience (peer) work in Victoria, including a timeline of key events in mental health, social justice and lived experience work in Victoria and Australia

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