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23 May
Recovery & supported decision making, Younger persons mental health
This workshop will draw upon a variety of sources aiming to enhance knowledge and skills over a range of recovery domains. It will include an overview...
22 Jun
Assessment & intervention, Recovery & supported decision making, Therapeutic theory & practice
This half day workshop is aimed at helping private psychiatrists who treat and manage people with BPD using psychological treatment principles,...
Box Hill
11 Jul
Families & carers, Recovery & supported decision making
This module will help the clinician in building their existing knowledge and skills to promote consistent best practice in supported decision making....

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On request training
Practical ways for mental health workers to align everyday practice with the human rights principles that underpin supported decision-making...
On request training
Where does spirituality fit into mental health work? What do we understand this enigmatic word to mean? What makes us feel whole, real and authentic?...

The rights and responsibilities of citizenship are available to all members of our society. Many people who experience mental illness or have had...

Related resources

Supported Decision Making

Consumer perspective | Recovery & supported decision making | 2019

Supported decision making is a human rights concept that promotes freedom of choice for people using public mental health services.  This information sheet aims to provide a clear overview to help people know what they should expect from services, and to help clinicians know what they should be able to provide.

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Recovery Oriented Language Guide - 2nd edition

Recovery & supported decision making | 2018

The Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) developed the Recovery Oriented Language Guide because language matters in all aspects of life, and continues to be particularly important in the context of mental health and recovery.

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Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life

Older persons mental health | Recovery & supported decision making | 2017

This article includes participant discussions from an event titled "Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life".

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Centre for Psychiatric Nursing Recovery Library

Recovery & supported decision making | Service development | 2015

The resources presented in this Recovery Library are mapped against the nine domains of the Framework for Recovery-oriented Practice. An additional domain pertaining to Growing Consumer Leadership was also developed as part of the formation of the Recovery Library.

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