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Melbourne online
21 Apr
Alcohol and other drugs, Assessment & intervention, Recovery & supported decision making

Do SUBSTANCES and MENTAL HEALTH mix? This course is great if you: - Are keen to learn more about the interaction between mental health and drugs and...

24 May
Recovery & supported decision making, Therapeutic theory & practice, Younger persons mental health

This course is great if you: Aren’t really sure what Mindfulness is Are looking for strategies for managing your thoughts Want to hear a bit about how...

24 May
Consumer perspective, MH policy, systems & legislation, Recovery & supported decision making

NOTE: Participants must complete the IMHA SDM eLearning Module prior to completing the interactive training. This event will cover: Understanding and...

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Practical ways for mental health workers to align everyday practice with the human rights principles that underpin supported decision-making...


The rights and responsibilities of citizenship are available to all members of our society. Many people who experience mental illness or have had...


This topic defines the concept of 'recovery'. It teaches you to identify principles that can both support and hinder the processes of individual...

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Self-advocacy for the NDIS (mental health)

Consumer perspective | Recovery & supported decision making | 2020

This booklet from IMHA is for people who experience mental illness and want to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The booklet contains 9 modules including "Learning how to self advocate", "NDIS plan preparation" and one module for support people.

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Supported Decision Making

Consumer perspective | Recovery & supported decision making | 2019

Supported decision making is a human rights concept that promotes freedom of choice for people using public mental health services.  This information sheet, endorsed by VMIAC, IMHA and CPN, aims to provide a clear overview to help people know what they should expect from services, and

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Recovery Oriented Language Guide - 2nd edition

Recovery & supported decision making | 2018

The Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) developed the Recovery Oriented Language Guide because language matters in all aspects of life, and continues to be particularly important in the context of mental health and recovery.

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Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life

Older persons mental health | Recovery & supported decision making | 2017

This article includes participant discussions from an event titled "Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life".

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