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10 Aug
Older persons mental health, Physical health

Covers topics including how drugs affect the ageing body, drug interactions and key considerations, reducing drug-related risk in older people...

23 Aug
Older persons mental health, Service development

There has been a great deal of activity following on the recommendations resulting from Victoria's Royal Commission into mental health services...

19 Oct
Diversity, Older persons mental health

The training provides an introductory body of knowledge to staff working with or supporting to older people to enable an understanding of the lives...

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Life presents a range of challenges, which vary throughout a person's lifetime. Accordingly, mental health may be affected by these challenges, and...


This topic explores the transition to old age and the changes to physical health that can either co-occur with, or masquerade as mental illness. The...


This topic considers approaches to mental care for older people including person-centred care, collaborative care, care co-ordination and health...

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Final Report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

Older persons mental health | 2021

In the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care, titled Care, Dignity and Respect, Royal Commissioners made a call for fundamental reform of the aged care system as well as recommendations regarding improved access to older persons mental health services.

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Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life

Older persons mental health | Recovery & supported decision making | 2017

This article includes participant discussions from an event titled "Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life".

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Aged Care Diversity Framework

Diversity | Older persons mental health | 2017

The Diversity Framework seeks to embed diversity in the design and delivery of aged care; and support action to address perceived or actual barriers to consumers accessing safe, equitable and quality aged care, while enabling consumers and carers to be partners in this process.

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