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19 Mar
Assessment & intervention, MH policy, systems & legislation, Older persons mental health, Workplace wellbeing & practice support, Younger persons mental health

This half day workshop is for mental health clinicians working in emergency or crisis services, from emergency departments, triage, crisis assessment...

06 Apr
Assessment & intervention, Older persons mental health, Therapeutic theory & practice, Younger persons mental health

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) has demonstrated efficacy for people with emotion dysregulation difficulties. This 2–day workshop will provide an...

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Life presents a range of challenges, which vary throughout a person's lifetime. Accordingly, mental health may be affected by these challenges, and...


This topic explores the transition to old age and the changes to physical health that can either co-occur with, or masquerade as mental illness. The...


This topic considers approaches to mental care for older people including person-centred care, collaborative care, care co-ordination and health...

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Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life

Older persons mental health | Recovery & supported decision making | 2017

This article includes participant discussions from an event titled "Working with Older People to Make Recovery Real in Later Life".

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Aged Care Diversity Framework

Diversity | Older persons mental health | 2017

The Diversity Framework seeks to embed diversity in the design and delivery of aged care; and support action to address perceived or actual barriers to consumers accessing safe, equitable and quality aged care, while enabling consumers and carers to be partners in this process.

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