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12 Apr
Families & carers, Service development, Therapeutic theory & practice, Workplace wellbeing & practice support

Carer lived experience peer workers-consultants have been playing an increasingly vital role in the Victorian mental health workforce. Their work is...

03 May
Assessment & intervention, Families & carers, Younger persons mental health

Foundations of Attachment Observations with Infants This workshop takes you through user-friendly approaches to understanding the Ainsworth systems...

05 May
Families & carers, Therapeutic theory & practice

Introduction to Narrative Therapy with Families This workshop provides a practice-based introduction to the school of Narrative Therapy (NT) founded...

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This course explores mental health for children aged 0-12 years. It will help practitioners to identify the factors that support positive mental...


When a person experiences mental illness, the care provided by family members, friends and other people often exceeds the usual expectations of a...


This topic follows Carer Participation and explores the role of carers working as advocates in non-government organisations or in the mental health...

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National Lived Experience (Peer) Workforce Development Guidelines

Consumer perspective | Families & carers | Service development | Workplace wellbeing & practice support | 2022

The Guidelines are intended to inform employers and funding bodies and to support change across the mental health sector by improving understanding of the benefits of the Lived Experience workforce and by supporting employers to assess their local readiness and prioritise activities.

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A practical guide to working with children and families through Telehealth

Families & carers | Workplace wellbeing & practice support | Younger persons mental health | 2020

This resource from Emerging Minds aims to develop practitioners' knowledge and confidence in using Telehealth with children and families. It provides practical ideas on where to start, how to prepare and what to do during a session.

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Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan, 2019: The consumer and carer perspective

Consumer perspective | Families & carers | 2017

The Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan (Fifth Plan) is an integral part of the National Mental Health Strategy. Endorsed by the Australian Health Ministers’ Conference in 1992, the National Mental Health Strategy is formed by a suite of documents, each with a specific purpose.

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Supporting staff to work with children and families with complex needs

Families & carers | Younger persons mental health | 2019

This paper provides managers, practice leaders, and other decision-makers with practical guidance on supporting staff to work with children and families with complex needs.

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