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05 Dec
Consumer perspective, Recovery & supported decision making, Younger persons mental health

This course is great if you: -Want to hear ideas about what anxiety is and where it comes from -Are curious whether anxiety is something we all...

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Practical ways for mental health workers to align everyday practice with the human rights principles that underpin supported decision-making...


'Consumer participation' is a familiar phrase in mental health settings, incorporating several conceptual, ethical, political and practical challenges...


Peer contributions to the field of mental health are made through direct support (both within and alongside traditional mental health services)...

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Lived Experience Leadership Rebooting the DNA of Leadership

Consumer perspective | Service development | Workplace wellbeing & practice support | 2019

Every day people with ived experience are taking up leadership roles to address the unique needs, challenges and injustices their communities face. This report draws on findings from 30 in-depth interviews and surveys completed by Lived Experience Leaders.

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Lived Experience Leadership Digital Library

Consumer perspective | Families & carers | 2023

The Lived Experience Leadership Digital Library is a central repository of mental health consumer and carer leadership-related knowledge and initiatives:

  • Lived Experience Leadership
  • Engagement and Participation
  • Co-design and Co-production
  • Lived Experience Workforce
  • Lived Experience Research

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Toolkit to Authentically Embed Lived Experience Governance

Consumer perspective | Families & carers | Service development | Workplace wellbeing & practice support | 2023

The toolkit provides users with a selection of tools and resources to assist in exploring and assessing their own governance processes and formulate a pathway towards embedding lived experience governance across their systems, structures, policies, processes, practices, programs and services.

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LE Governance Framework: Centring People, Identity and Human Rights for the Benefit of All

Consumer perspective | Families & carers | Service development | Workplace wellbeing & practice support | 2023

‘the Framework’ responds to calls from the mental health and other sectors for changes in the way systems are governed to align them more strongly with human rights approaches and to meaningfully embrace lived experience. Its applicability and reach span a spectrum of settings and sectors.

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