Based on consultations conducted by CMHL from 2018 to 2019 it was evident that training in clinical supervision was a very high priority for the sector.

Queensland CMHL approached us about the potential to partner in the development of an e-learning package that would be an introduction to clinical supervision for allied health and nurses working in clinical mental health.

A working group was established with key stakeholders. From earlier consultations we had a good understanding of AMHS that had expertise in the delivery of clinical supervision training and we were aware of work undertaken by SWTP in clinical supervision and the work of the Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse (OCMHN) around implementation of the Framework for Clinical Supervision for Mental Health Nurses in Victoria. The working group consists of membership from Queensland CMHL, Bouverie, the Centre for Mental Health Nursing (CentreMHN), the Chief MHN, Peninsula Health, Bendigo Health, Monash Health, NorthWestern Mental Health (NWMH) and Eastern Health.

There is exceptional good will from our key stakeholders to work together to develop training for the sector that is identified as high priority. Training is often only one component of implementation of frameworks and guidelines but it is important that we work in partnership with content experts to ensure the development of best practice training. CMHL staff are not always the content experts but we can play a key coordination role in bringing together the experts and building packages that will be sustainable for the sector.

The clinical supervision e-learning package is still in development. We hope that it will be released in late 2021. We are already in discussion with key services about delivering face-to-face training for supervisees and supervisors, into the CMHL calendar.


Jo Stubbs

Learning & Practice Development Coordinator

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