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The Mental Health Professional Online Development (MHPOD) Learning Portal is a free national eLearning platform aimed at building knowledge and understanding of mental health and mental health service delivery amongst Australia’s broader mental health and social services workforce. Currently, it contains 68 individual topics and close to 100 hours of learning with new content to be added over the next 12 months.

Originally launched in 2010, MHPOD has recently undergone a significant technical and visual upgrade with the new MHPOD now available via Significant improvements to MHPOD include:

  • Fully mobile responsive design – users can now interact with MHPOD on a portable device. MHPOD will automatically adjust to the size of your screen without compromising readability without the need for additional applications.
  • Searching catalogue – all MHPOD content can be searched using keywords for those interested in a specific topic.
  • Completing and navigating content – one of the biggest improvements of the upgrade, completing topics is significantly easier thanks to the technical enhancement that allows better content structure and flow. While completing a topic, visual cues are provided to show you how much you’ve completed and kept you on track with what’s remaining.
  • Personal Dashboard - From your Dashboard, you can easily see how many times you've logged into MHPOD, the number of course views and the number of completed courses. You can also easily download individual certificates, Progress Reports (which provides a summary of all completed topics) and a record of all topic completions in a CSV file format. It will also tell you which topics you've started but not completed.
  • Reporting – Organisations (and staff) who use MHPOD as part of professional development will find accessing information about completed topics much easier. Thanks to the Dashboard, staff can easily provide their organisation with completed certificates or an excel file outlining all completed certificates.

MHPOD Content Survey
Now the new portal is launched, the MHPOD Upgrade will move into content development. The MHPOD Program currently has two surveys which its using to obtain direction regarding content moving forward. If you’re interested in providing feedback from either an organisational or individual perspective, we would be keen to hear it using one of the below links:

  • To provide feedback from an organisational perspective, click here
  • To provide feedback from your own individual perspective, click here

More information about MHPOD can be found via the following information page -

Gerard Fox
MHPOD Project Manager

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