This workshop focuses on working systemically with families (non-offending parent, children, grandparents etc) in the aftermath of domestic and family violence. Once the safety of mothers and their children has been established there is usually a sense of relief on the part of clients and workers. In many instances there is also disappointment and despair that significant difficulties within the family remain, change or get worse.

This workshop aims to offer an understanding of why relationship difficulties between family members now in a safe environment, remain or escalate. A range of interventions is presented, for workers to assist families to understand and manage the difficulties often experienced in the aftermath of family and domestic violence.

This event will cover:

  • Describe the impacts of family and domestic violence using Trauma and Attachment frameworks
  • Identify behaviours leading to relationship difficulties in the aftermath of family and domestic violence
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess problematic interactions between family members
  • Outline the challenges for the non-offending parent in responding to and managing the behaviour of their children
  • Apply interventions to reduce the effects of trauma related to domestic and family violence and promote relationship repair


  • Aaron Kunckey — The Bouverie Centre
  • Kate Cordukes — The Bouverie Centre

Eligibility criteria

Workers who are dealing with non-offending parents and children who are survivors of domestic and family violence and are finding that despite safety having been established family members are struggling with as many or more relationship difficulties.

Categories: Families & carers, Trauma informed care
Disciplines: Allied Health
Levels: Introductory, Intermediate
Lifespans: Child, Adolescent, Youth, Adult

Wednesday 30 September 2020
09:30 to 16:30
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