This two day intensive introduction includes an exploration of potential pre-arrival experiences of people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds, and the impact of those experiences on health and wellbeing in both early settlement and longer-term contexts. Participants will also engage with concepts of health literacy, cultural awareness, and assessing common physical and emotional health issues which are a result of the refugee experience. Communication skills, refugee health and settlement services, and other important services and resources will also be discussed.

This event will cover:

  • Understanding Australia’s Humanitarian Program and asylum seeking pathways within a broader policy context;
  • Exploring issues in working cross culturally;
  • Exploring Foundation House’s Trauma Recovery Framework regarding the impact of torture & trauma, and the basis for interventions
  • Overview of relevant services for people from refugee backgrounds and referral processes;
  • Approaches to refugee health assessments; and
  • Appropriate interventions for common health issues.

Eligibility criteria

Only available to Nurses and Allied Health professionals.

Categories: Diversity, Trauma informed care
Disciplines: Allied Health, Nursing
Levels: Introductory
Lifespans: Infant, Child, Adolescent, Youth, Adult, Older Persons

Thursday 27 August 2020
09:30 to 16:30
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Friday 28 August 2020
09:30 to 16:30
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Specific location and venue confirmed by provider upon registration.

This program is funded for Nurses and Allied Health professionals through the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. Therefore there is no cost to professionals working in these areas.

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