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The Hearing Voices Approach is the peer-led recovery model for people who hear voices, see and sense things around them that others do not. This training aims to provide tools to assist people to alleviate distress associated with voices and work towards a meaningful life.
This training will give you a solid understanding of the Hearing Voices Approach and the confidence to apply it in many practical settings.
These skills are transferrable either for yourself, in your work as a mental health professional or in your family/home environment.

The tools and strategies used in this training include:
• Identifying ‘distinct’ voices
• Linking the voices to the individual’s life history
• Searching for patterns and meaning of the voices
• Seeking to understand the voice’s message or intent, and
• Breaking down the experience into manageable parts

Note: The Hearing Voices Approach and Training have been developed around the world by people with Lived Experience.



  • Fiona Nguyen (Peer Support Facilitator) — Voices Vic Uniting

Eligibility criteria

This is a free event designed for members of the public clinical mental health workforce in Victoria, (staff employed at Area Mental Health Services, Forensicare or mental health staff from RCH). For example, a social worker working in mental health at Austin Health. Staff from MHCSSs, ACCHOs, AOD or other partner organisations may also attend. Please note, if you do register for this event and it is not clear you are part of the intended audience, your registration will be confirmed two weeks prior to the event start date, or earlier.

Categories: Consumer perspective, Recovery & supported decision making
Disciplines: Allied Health, Lived Experience Workforce, Medical, Nursing
Levels: Introductory
Lifespans: Adolescent, Youth, Adult, Older Persons

Tuesday 13 April 2021
10:00 to 15:30
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Wednesday 14 April 2021
10:00 to 15:30
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