Participants will learn how to
help someone to self-regulate,
identify their strengths,
build their resilience
support them to identify their own solutions. 

At completion of this course, students should be able to:
Be familiar with basic communication skills and how to use them
Understand the counselling process, and differentiate between counselling and being an accidental counsellor
Develop strategies for dealing with people in crisis
Know the difference between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviours
Know how and when to refer somebody who needs professional support
Gain an overview of mental health and wellbeing as well as mental illness
Gain an awareness of suicide prevention
Build meaningful boundaries to ensure safety of all involved
Recognise the need for self-care and develop ways of looking after self and others


  • Suicide Programs — Mental Health Victoria

Categories: Assessment & intervention, Recovery & supported decision making, Therapeutic theory & practice
Disciplines: Allied Health, Lived Experience Workforce, Medical, Nursing, Other
Levels: Introductory
Lifespans: Adult

Tuesday 27 September 2022
09:30 to 13:00
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Wednesday 28 September 2022
09:30 to 13:00
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