Collaboration, empowerment, support, reimagining and innovation. These are what I will strive to bring to my time at CMHL in sharing the Statewide Mental Health Occupational Therapy Educator role. 

I have had the benefits of working with people as an occupational therapist across a range of ages, experiences and settings for the past 12 years. Collaboration and learning from those I work with continues to inspire me, driving my reimagining of the ways we engage and understand each other, of current challenges in the OT field, and of building confidence and skills in others.   

I am thrilled to now have the opportunity to join with you in supporting Victoria's mental health OT workforce. I am looking forward to better understanding the needs across the state and working to ensure that all OTs have a voice and receive the necessary supports, training and resources to fulfil their roles and effect positive change.

Movement, music and being in nature helps to ground, energise and engage me. And watching my kitten, Smudge, in her ridiculous antics brings me great joy.