Frequently Used Acronyms

Acronym List


AAFT Australian Association of Family Therapy
AASW Australian Association of Social Workers
ACA Australian Counselling Association
ACCHO Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
ACMHN Australian College of Mental Health Nurses
ACN Australian College of Nursing
ACPA Australian Clinical Psychology Association
AIHW Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
AMHCN Australian Mental Health Consumer Network
AMHS Area Mental Health Services
ANMF Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
AOD Alcohol and other Drugs
APMH Aged Persons Mental Health
APS Australian Psychological Society
ARAFEMI Association of Relatives and Friends of the Emotionally and Mentally Ill (now part of MIND)
ASAP Advanced Suicide Assessment and Planning
AWH Albury Wodonga Health
Ax Assessment
CAA Carers Association of Australia
CAG Consumer Advisory Group; OR Carer Advisory Group
CALD Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
CCAG Carer & Consumer Advisory Group
CCISC Comprehensive, Continuous, Integrated System of Care
CCU Community Care Unit
CEED The Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders
CI Collective Impact
CISS Child Information Sharing Scheme
CLEW Carer Lived Experience Workforce (previously Carer Consultants Network – CCN).
CMHL Centre for Mental Health Learning
COPES Carers Offering Peers Early Support
CoPMI Child with a Parent with Mental Illness
CPN Centre for Psychiatric Nursing
CRAF Common Risk Assessment Framework
CYFA Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 (Vic)
CYMHS Child and Youth Mental Health Services
DBMAS Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service
DDCCAC Dual Diagnosis Consumer and Carer Advisory Council

Department of Families, Fairness & Housing (Victorian State Government)

*established 1 Feb 2021, after separation of DHHS)


Department of Health (Victorian State Government) 

(*established 1 Feb 2021, after separation of DHHS)


Department of Health and Human Services (Victorian State Government) 

(*ceased running in it's current form on 31 Jan 2021, separated into two departments)

eCPR Emotional CPR (Connection, emPowering, Revitalising – skills training)
ED Emergency Department
EMHSA Eastern Mental Health Service Coordination Alliance
EPPIC Early Psychosis Prevention & Intervention Centre


FaPMI Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness
FVISS Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme
FVPA Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (VIC) 
GVH Goulburn Valley Health
HACSU Health and Community Services Union
HOPE Hospital Outreach Post-Suicidal Engagement
HYDDI Homeless Youth Dual Diagnosis Initiative
ICOPSD Individuals with Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Disorders
IDCR In-Depth Case Reviews
IMHA Independent Mental Health Advocacy
IPS Intentional Peer Support (skills training)
KT Knowledge Translation
KPI Key Performance Indicator


LAMPS LaTrobe Regional Health, Alfred & Monash Health Peninsula Synergy Cluster (Southern Cluster)
LEAG Lived Experience Advisory Group
LEW Lived Experience Workforces
LEWAG Lived Experience Workforce Advisory Group
LLEW Lived and Living Experience Workforces (this term is often used in the AOD sector)
LOS Length of Stay
LRHMHS Latrobe Regional Hospital Mental Health Service
MARAM Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework
MHCC Victorian Mental Health Complaints Commissioner
MHCFCAC Mental Health Consumer & Family Carer Advisory Committee
MHCSS Mental Health Community Support Services (now decommissioned as a program, funds directed to NDIS)
MHECO Mental Health Experience Co-Design
MHPN Mental Health Professionals Network
MHPOD Mental Health Professional Online Development
MHRV Mental Health Reform Victoria
MHS Mental Health Services
MH-SU Mental Health Substance Use
MHTDU Mental Health Training and Development Unit
MHWF Mental Health Workforce
MHWFRG Mental Health Workforce Reference Group
MSE Mental State Examination
Mx Medication
NCAG National Community Advisory Group;
NCCPH National Centre for Consumer Participation (short-lived)
NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme
NEVIL North-East Victoria Innovative Learning Cluster (North East Cluster)
NHMRC The National Health and Medical Research Council
NMHCCF National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum
NRMHCC National Register of Mental Health Consumers and Carers
NWMH North Western Mental Health
OCHMN Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse
OCP Office of the Chief Psychiatrist
OYH Orygen Youth Health


PACER Police, Ambulance and Clinical Emergency Response
PAPU Psychiatric Assessment and Planning Unit
PARCS Prevention and Recovery Centres
PDRSS Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support Services
PEN Psychiatric Enrolled Nurse
PhaMs Personal Helpers and Mentors Program
PHN Primary Health Network
RACGP Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
RANZCP Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RCH Royal Children’s Hospital
RCVMHS Royal Commision into Victoria’s Mental Health System
RMH Royal Melbourne Hospital
SDO Service Development Outcome
SECU Secure Extended Care Unit
SHARC Self Help Addiction Resource Centre
SVFA Specialist Family Violence Advisor
SVH St Vincent’s Hospital
SWH South West Healthcare
SWTP Statewide Training Providers
TIC Trauma-informed Care
TOR Terms of Reference


VAADA Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association Inc
VACCHO Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health

Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative

(dual diagnosis referring to those experiencing both mental health and substance use concerns)

VDDILG Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative Leadership Group
VDDIRF Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative Rural Forum

The Victorian Dual Disability Service

(dual disability referring to those with an intellectual disability experiencing mental health concerns)

VHIMS Victorian Health Incident Management System
VMHILN Victorian Mental Health Interprofessional Leadership Network
VMHILP Victorian Mental Health Interprofessional Leadership Project
VMHL Victorian Mental Health Learning

Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council

(peak Victorian organisation for people with a lived experience of mental health problems or emotional distress)

VPTC Victorian Psychiatry Training Committee
VTMH Victorian Transcultural Mental Health
WBSS Way Back Support Services
WETS Western Cluster
WMHNV Women's Mental Health Network Victoria