Our staff

Photo of Rosemary Charleston Dr Rosemary Charleston Director
Kylie Boucher Kylie Boucher Senior Project Lead
Craig Wallace Consumer Workforce Development Coordinator
Photo of Lorna Downes Lorna Downes Family/Carer Workforce Development Coordinator
Mary Wang Arrigault Mary Wang Arrigault Data, Research and Evaluation Coordinator
Yao Wu Yao Wu System Support Consultant
Amanda Pattie Amanda Pattie Administration
Jo Joanne Stubbs VMHILN Manager
 Sharon Sharon Williams VMHILN Sexual Safety Project Coordinator
Henrique Henrique Van Dunem VMHILN Consumer Officer

Our vision

Our vision is to be the centrepiece for mental health learning in Victoria; leading and driving innovation that strengthens and sustains a flexible, curious, knowledgeable and recovery-focused workforce.

Our vision infographic Our vision mobile infographic

Our values

At the Centre for Mental Health Learning we value:

CMHL Value: Learning Collective learning
CMHL Value Curiosity Curiosity & integrity
CMHL Value Engagement Engagement & collaboration
CMHL Value Connectedness Authenticity & connectedness
CMHL Value Innovation Innovation & action
CMHL Value Leadership Shared leadership

Our purpose

We are the central agency for public mental health, including lived experience, workforce development in Victoria, supporting access to quality, contemporary learning and development. Approximately $26million is invested annually in mental health related learning and development across Victoria. The CMHL is the central agency which connects, collects and shares the information, tools, resources and expertise created through this investment.

This helps ensure skills and knowledge are shared widely, and mental health workers at every stage of their career have the opportunity to grow their leadership capabilities.

We identify and support sharing of mental health learning and development resources across Victoria, allowing the sector to cut down on duplication and promote high quality resources within a culture of information sharing. You can see current opportunities on our Learning Hub.

We will continue to work with stakeholders across the sector to build mental health workforce capability, practice supports, knowledge translation and innovation.

The Centre for Mental Health Learning made a submission to the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System. You can find it here.

Establishment governance

There are four stages to the development of the CMHL, these are groundwork, design and establishment, implementation, and evolution. In the initial phases of development the CMHL’s governance structure incorporates partnership advisory and mental health workforce reference groups. NorthWestern Mental Health is the auspicing organisation for this initiative.

The CMHL also works in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria (DHHS) and reports to the CMHL DHHS project control group for the establishment phase of the CMHL.

Governance infographic Governance mobile infographic

Our partners

Our Partnership Advisory Group provides strategic advice and leadership for the establishment of the CMHL. The CMHL would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following organisations to the Partnership Advisory Group:

Engagement strategy

We have developed a comprehensive communication and engagement strategy that includes different ways for people to engage with the CMHL. This includes various methods for consultation, such as large forums, meetings, online consultation, specific site visits and interviews.